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Tenere is committed to ethical supply chain operations  

Tenere is committed to upholding high ethics, integrity, and social responsibility in our business operations and supply chain. We maintain close partnerships with both our customers and suppliers. We ensure that all suppliers are compliant with the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) requirements. The standards are part of an alliance of companies who share the commitment to safe working conditions in the supply chain, fair treatment of workers with respect and dignity, and environmentally responsible business operations.

Tenere goes the extra step by holding our suppliers and customers accountable. We do periodic audits of our suppliers and sourcing methods to ensure we deliver on the promise we make to our customers on all levels of the supply chain.

Become a Tenere Supplier

Customer satisfaction is Tenere's top priority. We expect the same high quality of service from our suppliers. We partner with suppliers for various products and services, including material, packaging, and more. 

Interested in becoming a supplier for Tenere? Read our supplier documents below to see if we would be a good fit together.


Supplier Code of Conduct


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Supplier Conduct Principles



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