Structural Foam Molding

Structural foam molding is a great option for large, thick parts. The injection molding process creates parts that are structurally sound, light weight, and are less likely to warp.

How Structural Foam Molding Works

A foaming agent is mixed with part resin while still in pellet form. As the resin and foaming agent is heated by the barrel and injected into the mold, the foaming agent turns into gas.  Less material is required because the gas bubbles expand until the cavity is filled.  As the material pushes against the wall of the mold it creates a thick skin while leaving the inside of the part with a cellular like structure.  The part is ejected and the process repeats. 

Due to the unpredictable nature of the gas, structural foam parts have an uneven surface color; you can visibly see tints and shades of the chosen color in a swirl-like pattern.  For parts that require high cosmetics, we offer in-house painting services.

With our expertise in injection molding and sheet metal fabrication, we can help you convert sheet metal parts to structural foam or form the sheet metal base that supports the structural foam skins in-house.

example of structural foam
example of structural foam


There are many benefits to structural foam molding including; lighter weight parts, lower material usage which reduces costs, increased part stiffness and strength, minimal to zero warpage, and thick parts without sink marks.  


Structural foam molding is used in many industries, but can be found in many medical and industrial products including; medical carts and machines, self-serve kiosks, ice makers, and industrial flooring, bezels, and equipment.  

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