Sheet Metal Stamping

Metal stamping is a great option for high-volume sheet metal parts.  Metal stamping, or hard tooling, produces parts with fewer quality issues, greater part consistency, and lower part costs. Parts are produced quickly and require little labor, which can be highly beneficial as a product becomes a staple in the market and demand increases. There is an up-front capital investment to develop tools, but metal stamping will be more cost-effective over time.  For the right application, ROI can be realized in as little as two months.

Tenere knows that not every program is ready for metal stamping right off the bat, or there is not time to wait while tools are in production, which is why we offer both soft tool metal fabrication and metal stamping in our facilities.  This allows our customers to slowing ramp up using flexible soft tooling capabilities while they test the market or wait for their metal dies to be built.

How It Works

Metal stamping is accomplished using steel dies - progressive and stage - that are designed to stamp, bend, and form sheet metal. A progressive die is a series of equally spaced stations that each perform a unique feature to form your sheet metal part. Typically, the final station cuts the completed part free from the strip of metal. Stage dies usually work on a single part at a time and is manipulated in and out of the die one at a time, either by hand or by a transfer or robotic process. A stage die can be used after a progressive die to add a specific feature or overcome a technical obstacle.

Engineering Support

Many custom sheet metal enclosures and cabinets are a mix of soft tooling fabricated and stamped components. Knowing when to use soft tool metal fabrication and metal stamping can save companies time and money when building custom sheet metal assemblies. When your parts are ready for high volume production, Tenere’s tooling engineering team will help you choose the right tooling option for your program. We can design and build progressive and stage dies in-house, ensuring every stamp and bend is perfectly placed to form your part as desired.


We know that many of the programs coming through our facility have multiple part numbers and may require soft tool metal fabrication, metal stamping, injection molding, and purchased components.  This is why we offer assembly services in-house.  The time and cost savings associated with having one vendor for all of your manufacturing needs allows our customers to get their product into the market faster than their competitors. 

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