Sheet Metal Fabrication Wisconsin

Tenere's sheet metal fabrication plants in Wisconsin allow us to offer custom mechanical solutions competitively throughout North America and in global markets.

Our Wisconsin plants feature a combination of manual fabrication methods and state-of-the-art robotic automated machines. We offer hard and soft tooling capabilities and a complete set of integrated business solutions to support the entire product development lifecycle.

Wisconsin plant overview

Wisconsin Capabilities

Sheet Metal Forming - Turrets, Lasers, Press Brakes

Sheet Metal Stamping


Mechanical Assembly 

Integration of Metal, Plastic, and Purchased Components

System Testing

Supply Chain Support

WI robotic press brake and ATC

North American Sheet Metal Fabricators

Tenere's strategic placement of sheet metal fabrication plants across the United States and Mexico brings increased speed, flexibility, and supply chain benefits. In addition, our integrated services connect our plants to allow for seamless communication, flexible program transfers, and a wide gamut of collective technical expertise.

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