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Tenere invests in technologies that enable us to be ready for the future. Robotics and automation investments allow us to increase the efficiency of our programs, scale programs faster, decrease lead times and improve employee safety. Our robotics specialists work with our customers to develop automated lines that help achieve high-tolerance programs, whether working within our existing robotics footprint or sourcing new machinery that will help us achieve a better program.

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Unmatched efficiency

Our integrated robotics and automation machines are highly efficient, cutting down on human error, minimizing stoppages, and decreasing tool change times. Our robotic operators can run longer, move faster, and reach further than human operators.

Scale at a moment's notice

Having a fleet of highly efficient robotic operators enables us to help a customer scale their products quickly. A program may start at Tenere with small runs, but as our customers grow, automated machines allow us the capacity to scale up quickly. Robotics removes the talent sourcing challenges that traditionally could delay scaling a program.

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