Investing in New Automation and High-Tech Manufacturing

December 20, 2021

Tenere continues to invest in sheet metal automation and robotics by adding an additional Amada HG1003 ARs Robotic Bending Cell to the sheet metal fabrication line.

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Manufacturing processes cannot afford to stay stagnant, especially in the age of technology. Unfortunately, technological infrastructure often lags behind the demand for new products and standards within this sector. That's why it's essential to know that your manufacturing partners are investing in new technologies that will position them to continue to deliver as you scale your product.

The trick to integrating automation into a production line is to constantly audit your processes for particularly complex or physically taxing areas. Manual human interaction at these points can affect the health and safety of the crew on the production floor and the quality of the product. By strategically integrating robotic operators into the production line, we can significantly improve the safety of our production crew and position ourselves to offer direct rewards to our customers.

Tenere has a proven history of continuously improving our production lines using robotics and automation. Our investments in new technology position Tenere as a leader in smart and lean manufacturing. We can offer greater scalability and capacity while maintaining high tolerance levels, craftsmanship, and quality. It's a win-win for everyone involved.

Our newest robotic operator

High Tech Manufacturing | Tenere
Amada HG1003 ARs Robotic Bending Cell
High Tech Manufacturing | Tenere
Amada HG1003 ARs Robotic Bending Cell

Meet the Amada HG1003 ARs Robotic Bending Cell (the newest robotic operator to be added to our facility). Just installed at our Wisconsin sheet metal facility, this particular piece of equipment offers complete integration of robotic loading, bending, and unloading with the precision standards of the press brake we have come to rely on for our custom solutions. Add in its ATC (automatic tool changer), and you have yourself a highly efficient sheet metal robot that reduces critical points within the production line.

Traditionally, a human operator would have the task of loading and maneuvering heavy material through the machine. Then, whenever it’s time to change the program to produce a different part, a set-up technician would have to manually remove multiple complex tool configurations, place the new tools, and align them perfectly. Introducing this new automated robotic operator removes the labor-intensive processes behind loading and operating the press brake and allows the machine to quickly pivot to producing different parts with little manual turnover time.

All of this means that you can expect to see increased speed, flexibility, and scalability from your programs with Tenere. So whether you're already producing a product and looking to scale, or you're looking for a new custom mechanical solution, our modern approach to manufacturing will always keep you equipped for the future.

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