Prototyping, DFM, DF(x), and Tooling

It’s important that our engineers are collaborating with your mechanical engineers early in the prototyping and NPI stages where design obstacles and cost avoidance opportunities can be addressed based on the original design and chosen manufacturing process.

We take into consideration how the entire mechanical assembly will come together with purchased and custom components, helping you bring new products into the market at accelerated speeds.

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Multiple Levels of Support

DF(x) Engineers

Automation Engineers

Quality Engineers

Process Engineers

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Design for X (sometimes referred to as DFM), where X is a variable that can have one of many possible values, including manufacturability, cost, time, assembly, logistics, etc.

Our front-end DF(x) experts review customer parts to ensure the final assemblies meet the desired outcome. Our experienced team is focused on making sure your parts are manufacturable, cost-conscious, and can seamlessly move into production.

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Our prototyping engineers and soft tool development experts help bring product design seamlessly into the production phase. 

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metal stamping tooling

Metal Stamping Tooling

Our metal stamping tooling experts provide in-house design, build, and support.

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Injection Molding Tooling


Our expert engineers provide valuable guidance when sourcing injection molding tools for precise programs. 

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