You need prototypes that can withstand a beating over time. By sintering layer upon layer of nylon, Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is capable of quickly producing complex geometries without support structures. PA2200 offers you strength and functionality achievable only through the fused parts created through SLS. Whether you need multiple moving parts, snap features or a living hinge, SLS gives you the complexity and durability other options can’t.


How SLS Works

Selective Laser Sintering is a process that uses a laser beam to selectively melt heated powder.  The build starts off with about .400" of material in the vat.  Once the build has started, a .005" layer of powder is spread across the build platform and the next layer is melted onto the previous layer.   This continues until the build is complete.   The material that is not selectively melted acts as support for the part itself.  This process has the ability to build in X, Y and Z so parts can be stacked on top of each other which allows for more parts to be built in a single run.   When the build is complete and the material has cooled, the parts must then be excavated from the block of powder.  They are then cleaned and sand-blasted to remove as much excess powder as possible.

Machine: EOS P 390

Parts are produced within +/- 0.005"

Build Envelope: 12" x 12" x 24"

Leadtime: 2-4 days

Tenere Selective Laser Sintering
SLS Specifications

Layer Thickness = 0.005"  |  0.120mm
Minimum Feature Size = 0.030"  |  0.762mm


Durable and flexible rigid parts, living hinges, snap features, functional assemblies

MaterialBuild EnvelopeAttributesColors
PA2200 Nylon 12"x12"x24" Polyamide natural multipurpose material White