With dual durometer Polyjet 3D printing technology, you can run a range of Shore A and Shore D materials simultaneously for the perfect mix of rubbery and rigid materials in one build. Or create new materials with varying softness and textures by blending the two together. From handles and grips to buttons and cases, you're offered a variety of flexibilities.


How Polyjet Works

Polyjet 3D printing is a process where print heads lay down material on a platform layer by layer until a part is created. With each pass from the print heads, material (both support and model) is laid onto the platform or previous layer and cured via UV light, making it one of the fastest options for creating parts.  The support material covers the outside of the part and also supports any overhanging sections on the part.  Once the build is complete, the part is removed from the platform and the support material is cleaned off using mechanical tools and pressurized water.

Machine: Objet500 Connex 3  

Parts are produced within +/- 0.005"

Build Envelope: 19.3" x 15.4" x 7.9"

Leadtime: 2-4 days

Tenere Polyjet
Polyjet Specifications

Layer Thickness = 0.006"  |  0.152mm
Minimum Feature Size =  0.020"  |  0.508mm


Overmolded parts, various flexibilities

MaterialBuild EnvelopeAttributesColor
Vero 19.3"x15.4"x7.9" 83-86D rigid material white black clear
Tango 19.3"x15.4"x7.9" 26-28A flexible material black amber
8510 19.3"x15.4"x7.9" 81.1-85.5D rigid material light grey
8520 19.3"x15.4"x7.9" 81.1-85.5D rigid material light grey
8530 19.3"x15.4"x7.9" 76.1-81.7D rigid material light grey
9840 19.3"x15.4"x7.9" 40A flexible material charcoal
9850 19.3"x15.4"x7.9" 50A flexible material charcoal
9860 19.3"x15.4"x7.9" 60A flexible material charcoal
9870 19.3"x15.4"x7.9" 70A flexible material charcoal
9885 19.3"x15.4"x7.9" 85A flexible material charcoal
9895 19.3"x15.4"x7.9" 95A flexible material charcoal