Injection Molding

Creating Strong Bonds

With overmolding, you can improve the functionality and look of your product while saving time and reducing costs.  Overmolding can also improve the strength of the part, creating a more reliable end-product.


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Tenere Plastic Overmolding
Plastic Over Plastic

The most common use of plastic over plastic overmolding is a flexible plastic being molded around a rigid plastic.  We have a variety of materials available to us through our trusted vendors and can mold most requested materials.  Plastic over plastic overmolding is often used for handheld devices, soft grips for consumer products, and medical devices.

Tenere Plastic Overmolding
Plastic Over Metal

Overmolding plastic onto metal is the process of molding a flexible or rigid plastic onto a hard metal surface.  Plastic over metal overmolding is used in cloud storage, aerospace, defense, and consumer good products.  With our unique in-house sheet metal capabilities, we can ensure you receive quality parts