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Metal Fabrication Overview

Whether simple or complex, in prototype or full production, or low to high volume needs, we can create a custom sheet metal program that blends hard tooling and soft tooling to best meet your specific time and cost requirements. With a full complement of metal fabrication equipment on site and years of experience in our ranks, Tenere has the resources to get your job done on time and on budget.

Soft Tooling

uses lasers, turrets, and brake presses to form simple or complex parts.  If your program is constantly going though design changes this option may be more economical for you. 

Benefits to soft tooling: Time to market, Minimal to zero tooling investment, Quick and inexpensive design changes, Flexibility

Hard Tooling

or metal stamping, is a great option for high volume parts.  There is a capital investment up front to develop tools, but will be more cost effective over time.

Benefits to hard tooling: Fewer quality issues, Part consistency, Part cost

Metal Stamping & Fabrication Capabilities

Tenere has metal production facilities in Wisconsin with over 180,000 square feet and is equipped with an extensive array of state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. 

  • Punch presses from 30 ton to 250 ton
  • 16 Turret presses, 2 Amada automatic loading turret presses
  • 41 press brakes
  • 2 – 4,000w lasers
  • Spot-welding: Mig, Tig, and robotic welding cells
  • 36 hardware insertion machines
  • Mild steel up to ½” thick
  • Stainless steels
  • Aluminum
  • Red metals: copper, brass, bronze, phos bronze, etc.


“It would be easy to say Tenere's strength is their capabilities, but really...their level of partnership led us to build an incredible amount of trust with them.”


Fast-turn product development center produces qualification parts using the same equipment found on our manufacturing floor - No need to wait for an opening in the production schedule.

New Product Introduction

Work with our expert sheet metal engineers to review part designs and material selection before production. We’ll provide feature change recommendations - if you need them - to ensure efficient manufacturability, consistent quality, and cost effective production. Our engineers work closely with yours to review part prints and identify design modifications based upon expected geometric tolerances.

DFM & Engineering 

Once tooling is in production, our team of skilled tooling engineers is on-site to troubleshoot potential problems and make any needed adjustments for optimal tooling performance. Our proactive maintenance program works to prevent damage and ensure continuous satisfaction throughout the life of your project

Tool Design & Build

Our team of highly qualified Computer Numerical Control (CNC) programmers and operators give you the parts you need, exactly how you need them. High speed 3- and 4-axis vertical machining centers and our in-process part probing helps us reach extremely tight tolerances, getting your parts out the door quickly. A fully programmable 3-axis Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) validates our processes and ensures your parts meet spec every time

Production Machining 

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified and ITAR registered company, we embrace customer satisfaction as our top priority. Quality systems, documented policies, and work instructions ensure consistent satisfaction of customer expectations. Our Quality Policy confirms this commitment.Tenere is also committed to the Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma Continuous Improvement philosophy. This foundation is a key factor in the development of cost effective operating processes that deliver products that consistently meet customer requirements and total satisfaction.


At Tenere, we build and ship complex frames, tight-tolerance card cages, and other sheet metal components and sub-assemblies. Tenere offers proven solutions for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) producing data center computing and storage hardware, agricultural equipment, medical instruments, and many more.Our procurement team manages incoming and receiving daily.  Inspection plans are created for all incoming materials and appropriate Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) levels are determined based on the customers needs.  All parts failing AQL are subject to sorting and possible return to vendor.


Sheet Metal Fabrication at Tenere

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