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Injection Molding Overview

Since 1972, Tenere has set a standard of excellence in the manufacturing of custom injection molded parts and assemblies. Located in Colorado, our Design for Manufacturability (DFM) parts analysis and in-house tool design and builds make working with Tenere simple and trouble free. Expert Program Managers serve throughout the product lifecycle as single points of contact to assist with initial parts discussions and aide in production launch.

Major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) choose Tenere because we deliver a custom solution that meets your product’s design intent, cost parameters and product launch schedules. We become an extension of your design and manufacturing team through early involvement and DFM parts analysis.


Our wide range of injection molding processes and post-mold manufacturing capabilities

  • Injection molding machines – 20 to 720 tons
  • New all electric Toshiba and Roboshot high speed injection molding machines 
  • Vertical and horizontal machines 
  • Process Control (Statistical Process Control (SPC))
  • Scientific Molding
  • Pressure transducer technology to hold tight tolerances with repeatable results
  • Plastic over molding on metal or plastic components
  • Design assistance 
  • Insert Molding
  • Quick turn tooling 
  • Machine robotics for automation 
  • Press side automation, assembly, and packaging  
  • Highly engineered and high temperature resins 
  • Finishing & assembly
  • Post machining available for injection molded parts
  • State-of-the-art quality department with high precision metrology capabilities


“Tenere's mold building capabilities are the #1 reason we are working with them.  They understand the design of the mold and complex features.”


Work with our expert injection molding engineers to review part designs and material selection before production. We’ll provide feature change recommendations - if you need them - to ensure efficient manufacturability, consistent quality, and cost effective production. We utilize advanced product quality planning (APQP) to target zero defects.

DFM & Engineering 

New Product Introduction

Molds are constructed in house or with one of our qualified domestic or international suppliers. Using a 3D model, Tenere’s designers are experienced in creating single-cavity to large multi-cavity complex tools. Using mold flow analysis, designs can be modified to address defects. Tenere molds can be built to SPI Class 101, 102, 103 or 104 specifications.

Tool Design & Build 

Our Quality Policy confirms our commitment to ISO 9001:2008. Quality systems, documented policies, and work instructions ensure consistent satisfaction of customer expectations. Every product produced at Tenere has a custom quality plan that guides the production and evaluation of key part quality characteristics.  Tenere has fully equipped inspection capabilities at all of our facilities to ensure the highest quality standards are maintained. Our quality engineers work with the latest in precision testing equipment. Tenere is also committed to the Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma Continuous Improvement philosophy. This foundation is a key factor in the development of cost effective operating processes that deliver products that consistently meet customer requirements and total satisfaction.


Assembly    Sonic Welding    Heat Staking    Inserts    Part Bonding     Automated and manual assembly      Secondary machining     Labeling    Packaging and Fulfillment     Seal and gasket installation  Finishing    Tight tolerence machining    Hot Stamping    Pad Printing    Silk Screening    Painting     Powder Coating    Conductive Coating (EMI/RFI)     Plating    Label Transfers

Painting & Finishing

Plastic Injection Molding at Tenere

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