Tenere Core Values

Safe Working Environment

We work safe and go home safe everyday

Expected Behaviors:
• We practice safe behavior
• We hold each other accountable for maintaining safe working conditions
• Under no circumstance do we do something that is unsafe

Passion for Customer Success

We are driven to provide our customers with the Tenere Experience, which is critical to the success of both companies

Expected Behaviors:
• We are honest and flexible with our customers
• We continuously seek new ways to create value for our customers
• We practice prompt and proactive communication

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

We constantly improve our performance by encouraging creative innovation and rigorous analysis of all processes and procedures

Expected Behaviors:
• We set high yet obtainable expectations for our teams
• We work hard to be leaders in quality, cost, timing, and value creation
• We embrace new ideas and follow through

Employee Development

We create a fulfilling work environment and maintain the highest standards of integrity and respect for each employee

Expected Behaviors:
• We support our employees by helping them advance their skills and careers
• We recognize and reward employees for their contribution to the Tenere Experience through hard work, creativity, and integrity


We collaborate seamlessly by sharing the same core values and goals, which enables us to provide the best Tenere Experience for our customers.

Expected Behaviors:
• We treat each other in a supportive and respectful manner
• We are honest with our team members
• We pursue high levels of innovation and performance
• Leadership at all levels sets a consistently positive example

Shared Success

Sustained growth and profitability are essential to the health of our company

Expected Behaviors:
• We work hard to be profitable so we can efficiently serve our customers, reward our employees, create jobs, lead in our communities, pay taxes, and uphold our long tradition of service and success.
• We are active citizens within our community

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Metal Inquiries: 715.247.4242
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